Barber Shoops? Excuse me?

30 May

Barber Shoops? Excuse Me?

I was once heading home with the whole family after an unsuccessful “es doger” treat when I came across this place in the photograph that I took with my cellphone. We were at a traffic light and the light was showing red. The light was almost green when I realized that there was something amusingly wrong with the wording in the billboard to my right. As if I had discovered a chest of treasure, panic-stricken, I took out my cellphone and took a quick shot of the billboard. Luckily, I still had enough time to do so.

Let’s dissect the wording shown in the photograph. First of all, the correct spelling of the second word should be shop, not shoop, which I don’t think even exists in English vocabulary. Secondly, there was only one shop, so it should not have been written with an ‘s’, namely shoops; shop is the correct writing. Thirdly, if we consult the dictionary trying to look for the phrase barber shop, we won’t be able to find the phrase. Why? It’s because it is not a phrase; it is a word. Now, I challenge you to look for the word barbershop in the dictionary. I’m sure you’ll come back to me with a smile. It’s there, isn’t it? 🙂


Well, I hope that was useful. See you in my next post!

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